About Us

Alliance Electronics & Appliances Pty Ltd T/A iSolutions , was set up in the year 2020. The company specializes in the sales (and after-sales servicing) of Apple and android products and our hardware fuels the technology that the world uses every day. From cellphones and laptops to smart and wearable technology, Kingston products and more- the technology we use to live, work and play.

Our team comprises of one Apple certified engineer and a Mobile technician for all mobile phone brands, financial administrator, and sales manager with a dynamic young sales team and storekeeper - offering you a complete range of products from laptops, desktops, smartphones, watches, headphones, iPads, AirPods, accessories and many more products.

We are specialise in Apple (Mac, iPad, iPhone etc) and android (cell phones and laptop) repairs. We are experts in the field and we come complete with a high performance Sales team.

We currently have one outlet, strategically located in the epicenter of the capital city, Victoria.

Our Vision

Growing through continuous learning and improvement in the multiple areas of technology in particular Information and communication technology - with the aim of better supporting people and businesses in making the most out of the latest technologies, and maintaining a world class standard of quality services.